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The educational platform is dedicated to the legendary exhibition The Family of Man, UNESCO's Memory of the World.

It specifically addresses those who would like to discover the exhibition and its context or initiate other people through texts, multi-disciplinary activities and other resources.

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Historical context

Edward Steichen : From a man of his time to an artist out of time

Edouard Jean Steichen was born on 27th March, 1879 in Bivange, Luxembourg. He was barely 2 years old when his parents moved to the United States, ...

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Historical context

Information, reaction and communication: Photojournalism in a divided world

Beginning of the 50s. The world had been bled dry and was struggling to recover from one of the greatest tragedies of its history: The Second World War...

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Historical context

The genesis of The Family of Man

The Family of Man is strongly linked to Steichen’s personal evolution, to his experiences during the war, the context of the 1950s and ...

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Historical context

The Family of Man, the book of humanity

On 24th January 1955, for the 25th anniversary of the museum, the MoMA welcomed what is still regarded as the greatest photographic endeavour ever undertaken...

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Historical context

The Family of Man, a greater resonance more than ever before

The exhibition did not leave anyone indifferent and it has received – is still receiving - both warm feedback or criticism ...

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